ThoughtSpot 7 Cloud April version ( is now available.

These release notes include information about new and enhanced features.

New Features and Functionality

The latest release of ThoughtSpot Cloud contains several new and enhanced features.

For the Analyst

There are several enhancements to the Scriptability feature:
  • Support for selective and linked filters: You can now import, export, and update Pinboards with linked or selective filters.
  • Add tables and columns to an Embrace connection (GA): ThoughtSpot now allows you to use TML to edit tables created through Embrace, and add columns and tables that already exist in the external database to the connection. This feature is now GA and on by default. Refer to ThoughtSpot Modeling Language and specify the connection information when adding tables or table columns to an Embrace connection.
Enhancements to the Search on Answers Pinboard
The Search on Answers Pinboard contains several new or updated visualizations, including Top search queries on existing Answers, Position at which users are clicking, and What results users are finding useful with autocomplete suggestions. These new visualizations provide more information about click position, what information users look for, and what information they cannot find. You can also view the best practices for this Pinboard.

For the Business User

New Answer experience

This release redesigns the experience of creating and working with Answers. The new Answer experience contains multiple new features and feature enhancements. It is on by default; you can toggle it on or off from the Experience manager in your profile.

The new Answer experience contains the following features and enhancements:

  • Improved Formula Editor: The new formula editor has a larger editor window, allows new lines, and has a new layout with integrated help.
  • Table column summaries: Conditional and number formatting for table column summaries is now available. Column summaries are aligned with their respective columns and are part of the table, although you can configure their number and conditional formatting separately.
  • Table configuration: Conditional formatting for attributes is now available for tables. Conditional formatting is now part of the Table configuration panel instead of being a separate modal. You can now set the content density and theme (outline, row, or zebra) of your table.
  • Chart configuration: Conditional formatting for chart measures is now part of the Chart configuration panel instead of being a separate modal.
  • Back button: Use the in-product back button to the left of a search or Answer name to go back 1 step each time you make a change in an Answer (for example, when you add a new column to the search, drill down, or sort).
  • SpotIQ analyze: Cleaner, more intuitive UI for SpotIQ analyze of Answer data points, surfacing the most useful workflows and allowing advanced customization.

The following features are not available with the new Answer experience. If you would like your company to be able to use these features, contact ThoughtSpot support to turn the new Answer experience off for your company. Alternatively, you can turn it on or off individually from your profile.

  • Ask an Expert
  • Replay search
  • Learn how to use ThoughtSpot Pinboard
  • Browser back button: you can no longer use the browser back button to go back one step in a search or Answer. Instead, use the new product back button to the left of an Answer name.
  • Multiple join path resolution within the formula editor or a search: when you try to search on columns with more than one possible join path, the system no longer allows you to define the join path within the search. Similarly, when you try to create a formula with columns with more than one possible join path, the system does not allow you to define the join path. Instead, the system now prompts you to resolve this issue and avoid confusion or incorrect data by creating a Worksheet with the correct join path.
  • Send feedback: The option to send product feedback, from the more options menu more options menu icon on an Answer or search.
  • Client-side summaries for tables: We consolidated client-side column summaries and headlines from the backend into new headline summaries that come from the backend. These headline summaries are integrated with the table columns. You can pin them to Pinboards.

Refer to New Answer experience for more information on the behavior of these features.

Sticky Search Answers/ Search Data toggle
This release makes the Search Answers/ Search Data toggle search toggle sticky. ThoughtSpot now remembers your choice across sessions when you switch between Search Answers and Search Data.
Improvements in indexing latency for Search Answers
This release improves indexing latency to less than 10 minutes, from 6 hours previously. Now, when you create, modify, or delete a new object, update user permissions, or otherwise make changes within ThoughtSpot, the product reflects these changes within 10 minutes. If you create a new Answer, users can search for and find it 10 minutes after you create it. This indexing improvement is in the process of rollout. If you don’t have it yet, ThoughtSpot will deploy it soon.
Unicode support
We added unicode character matching in Search Answers, extending support to all languages and character sets. You can now search all artifacts that use unicode characters in titles, descriptions, metadata, and keywords, and see the correct results. Search Answers with full unicode support

For the IT Ops Engineer

AWS PrivateLink between ThoughtSpot Cloud and your Snowflake or Redshift data warehouse
To ensure a secure two-way data exchange between your cloud data warehouse and the ThoughtSpot Cloud tenant, you can use an AWS PrivateLink. This option is currently available for your Snowflake or Redshift data warehouse connections. Refer to the Redshift and Snowflake articles about enabling an AWS PrivateLink.

For the Developer

Developer privilege
You can now grant groups the Developer privilege from the Admin Console, allowing users in those groups to access and use the Developer Portal. In the Developer Portal, users can explore the ThoughtSpot APIs and developer tools, and build web applications with ThoughtSpot content.

The new TML APIs enable you to programmatically export, validate, and import scriptable TML objects. Use these APIs to automate the change management and deployment processes between your development and production environments. With these APIs, analysts can much more easily migrate from one environment to the other by automating the entire change management process, reducing the risk of human error.


ThoughtSpot Developer portal
ThoughtSpot users with admin or developer privileges can now access the ThoughtSpot Developer portal by clicking the Develop tab in the ThoughtSpot application. The Developer portal, referred to as SpotDev in the earlier release, includes the following enhancements:
  • Playground enhancements
    The Playground page now includes several UI enhancements to improve the interactive coding experience for developers.
    • The Handle custom actions checkbox on the Playground pages allows you to view the code for the custom action event.
    • The Navigate to URL checkbox on the Playground > Full app page allows you to set a URL path to navigate to when the embedded application loads.
  • Custom action Configuration
    You can now configure custom actions for embedded pinboards and visualization pages. You can also set a custom action as a primary menu command, or as a menu item in the More menu the more options menu.
  • Security settings
    The Security Settings page in the developer portal includes the following new features:
    • Users with developer and admin privileges can now add external application domains to the Content Security Policy (CSP) and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) whitelist.
    • Users with admin privileges can add the SAML redirect domains to the allowed list of domains, and thus provide a seamless login experience for federated users who request access to the embedded ThoughtSpot content.
    • Users with admin privileges can enable the trusted authentication method to authenticate ThoughtSpot users who request access to the embedded content.
ThoughtSpot Visual Embed SDK enhancements
ThoughtSpot Visual Embed SDK is now available to all external users who want to embed ThoughtSpot content in their application, product, or web page.
You can now download the Visual Embed SDK package from the NPM site and get started with embedding ThoughtSpot.
The new Visual Embed SDK package includes several new enhancements to support user authentication, full application rendition, custom action configuration for embedded pinboards and visualizations, and enumerators for handling the events generated by the embed configuration. For more information, see the ThoughtSpot Developer Documentation.
Session API enhancement
The session REST API service now includes the /tspublic/v1/session/auth/token API to enable a client application to programmatically obtain an authentication token for a ThoughtSpot user.
To access this API, visit the ThoughtSpot Swagger portal.
For more information, see session APIs.

ThoughtSpot 7 Cloud March Release (

For the Analyst

  • Add tables and columns to an Embrace connection: ThoughtSpot now allows you to use TML to edit tables created through Embrace, and add columns and tables that already exist in the external database to the connection. Refer to ThoughtSpot Modeling Language and specify the connection information when adding tables or table columns to an Embrace connection.

    This feature is in Beta and off by default; to add columns and tables to an Embrace connection through Scriptability, contact your ThoughtSpot administrator.

  • Improvements to generic join functionality: The expanded functionality for generic joins in TML files allows the following elements:

    • Constants: int, double, bool, date, and string
    • Comparison operators: =, !=, <, >, <=, and >=
    • Columns
    • Boolean operators: AND, OR, and NOT
    This feature is in Beta and on by default.

For the Business User

ThoughtSpot One GA
ThoughtSpot One is now available for all customers. It is on by default. See Search Answers and ThoughtSpot One home page for more information.
Bulk share objects from the ThoughtSpot One home page
You can now share multiple objects at a time from the ThoughtSpot One home page. Refer to ThoughtSpot One home page.
Frequent metrics and attributes in the Details panel
The Details panel that appears when you click on a Pinboard visualization while searching across your existing Answers and Pinboards now lists frequent metrics and attributes for that Pinboard. You can determine if a Pinboard search result is useful for you based on the metrics and attributes used most often in that Pinboard.

For the IT Ops Engineer

Manage advanced search and SpotIQ settings
You can now manage advanced search and SpotIQ settings from the Admin Console. You can configure column indexing and enable or disable SpotIQ Analyze and column summaries. Refer to Manage search and SpotIQ settings.
Manage email and onboarding settings
You can manage certain advanced settings for your organization from the Admin Console. You can customize welcome emails, scheduled emails, and the workflow that allows users to sign up for ThoughtSpot from the login page. Refer to Manage email and onboarding settings.
Performance Tracking Pinboard
The Performance Tracking Pinboard is now accessible from the Admin Console. To view this Pinboard, navigate to the Admin Console by selecting Admin from the top navigation bar. Select App performance from the side navigation bar in the Admin Console.

For the Developer

ThoughtSpot Embed
ThoughtSpot cloud now supports embedding ThoughtSpot content in third-party applications. In this release, ThoughtSpot introduces the Visual Embed SDK package Beta to help developers embed the ThoughtSpot search functionality, pinboards, visualizations, or the full application in their web page, portal, or business solution.
For more information on embedding ThoughtSpot, see ThoughtSpot embedding solution.
SpotDev portal
ThoughtSpot cloud now includes the SpotDev portal Beta to allow developer users to explore the ThoughtSpot SDK APIs and build sample applications. The SpotDev tab in the ThoughtSpot application is available for the users with administrator and developer privileges.
The SpotDev portal provides a playground for developers and product owners to evaluate the Visual Embed APIs and preview the results. The portal also allows authorized users to rebrand the embedded content, customize styles, and add custom menu actions to the embedded instance.
For more information, see SpotDev Portal.

ThoughtSpot 7 Cloud February Release (

For the Analyst

  • You can now create and edit joins at the table level using TML, including range and generic joins. You must edit these joins from the source table, not the destination table. Refer to ThoughtSpot Modeling Language.

    This feature is in Beta in the February release. To enable it, contact ThoughtSpot Support.

  • Export custom SpotApps: Support for custom SpotApp export is now GA and on by default. You can now export your own custom SpotApps, or collections of Scriptable ThoughtSpot Answers, Pinboards, Views, tables, and Worksheets, packaged together as a zip file. Simply navigate to Data > SpotApps and choose the objects you would like to include in a custom SpotApp. Refer to SpotApps.
Simplified join creation
This release makes creating and editing joins from a table more flexible and intuitive. Our new joins interface allows you to define and edit the join type and cardinality at the table level, where previously this was only possible at the Worksheet level. Refer to Table joins.
Pinboard Export API
Use the new Pinboard Export API to programmatically download Pinboards, or specific visualizations from the Pinboards, as PDFs. Refer to Pinboard Export API.
Support for SpotIQ Analyze

In this release, ThoughtSpot Cloud adds support for SpotIQ analyze. Now you can analyze any answer, pinboard visualization, or data source to generate instant insights, by clicking the SpotIQ analyze button SpotIQ analyze icon. For more information, see Custom SpotIQ analysis.

For the Business User

Home page shortcuts

You can now create and access quick links to your most-used Answers and Pinboards from the ThoughtSpot One home page. Refer to Home page shortcuts.

ThoughtSpot One may be off in your environment. To enable ThoughtSpot One, contact ThoughtSpot Support.

Deprecation of Internet Explorer
ThoughtSpot browser support for Internet Explorer is now deprecated. Refer to ThoughtSpot browser access for a list of supported browsers.

For the Data Engineer

Embrace now supports security passthrough for Snowflake and Google BigQuery using OAuth for authentication and authorization. For more information, see Snowflake, and Google BigQuery.
Embrace passthrough functions are available for Snowflake. Passthrough functions allow you to send custom SQL expressions directly to your Snowflake database without being interpreted by ThoughtSpot. For more information, see Passthrough functions for Snowflake.
Embrace now supports Oracle Autonomous Database Beta. This feature is in beta and disabled by default. To enable this feature, contact ThoughtSpot Support.

For the IT Ops Engineer

New region support
ThoughtSpot Cloud is now available in the following 2 regions, in addition to US East and West, Sydney, and Ireland:
  • Frankfurt
  • Singapore
Search on Answers Pinboard
There are several changes to the behavior of the Stats and Trends for Search on Answers Pinboard:
  • The Pinboard and its underlying Worksheet, Discover Monitoring Data, are now accessible only to admins by default. Admins can share the Pinboard and Worksheet with anyone else who might need this information.
  • The Pinboard is populated with your users' Search on Answers data by default. You do not need to contact ThoughtSpot Support to see your users' Search on Answers data in the Pinboard.
Pinboard download control

You can now limit or remove the options ThoughtSpot provides for downloading Pinboards and their visualizations. You can allow users to only download Pinboard visualizations in a specific format (such as .csv), or you can restrict access to downloading Pinboards and their visualizations altogether.

This is a cluster-level feature. You cannot configure permissions for specific users.

This is an embed-only feature. To enable this functionality, contact ThoughtSpot Support.

Consumption-based pricing
ThoughtSpot now offers consumption, or usage, based pricing. Refer to Consumption-based pricing and the Consumption pricing FAQ. To compare consumption- and capacity-based pricing, refer to ThoughtSpot pricing.

ThoughtSpot 6 Cloud December Release (


There are several new features for Scriptability:

  • Export custom SpotApps: You can now export your own custom SpotApps, or collections of Scriptable ThoughtSpot Answers, Pinboards, Views, tables, and Worksheets, packaged together as a zip file. Simply navigate to Data > SpotApps and choose the objects you would like to include in a custom SpotApp. Refer to SpotApps.

    This feature is in Beta. To enable it, contact ThoughtSpot Support.

  • GUID handling: ThoughtSpot now recognizes pre-existing GUIDs upon import and asks if you would like to update the existing object or create a new one. Refer to Scriptability.
  • ThoughtSpot Scripting Language is now called ThoughtSpot Modeling Language.

Information Center

ThoughtSpot has a new Information Center, accessible from the help icon ? next to your profile on the top navigation bar. This new help menu contains many useful resources, including a navigation overview, several training videos, and links to more help across the ThoughtSpot product, community, training, and documentation. Refer to More help and support.

Embrace passthrough functions

Embrace now supports passthrough functions which allow you to send SQL expressions directly to the database, without being interpreted by ThoughtSpot. If you have custom database functions that ThoughtSpot doesn’t support, you can use these new passthrough functions in the ThoughtSpot Formula Assistant to call your custom functions. Refer to Embrace passthrough functions.

New language support

Starting in the December Cloud release, ThoughtSpot supports the following new locale, including support for language keywords that can be used in the search bar:

  • English (India)

To set locale to English (India), click the user icon in the top right corner to navigate to the Profile page, and select locale under Preferences.

ThoughtSpot 6 Cloud October Release (

New Home page

The ThoughtSpot Home page allows you to access all your essential actions as a business user. You can:

  • Search across existing Answers and Pinboards
  • Search your data to create new Answers and Pinboards
  • View objects you viewed recently
  • View trending Pinboards and Answers
  • Filter existing objects by favorite, author, tag, or type of object
  • Sort existing objects by author, views, or most recently viewed
  • Bulk mark objects as favorites

Search existing Answers

In addition to the existing Search over data, this release gives business users easy Search over existing Answers and Pinboards. This meets the users’ information needs by making Answers searchable, sortable, and applying filters on relevance, recency, number of views, authorship, metrics used, and so on.

Stats and Trends for Search on Answers Pinboard

Use this default Pinboard to analyze how users are searching your existing Answers and Pinboards, so you can determine what objects are the most popular and what assets you may need to create.

Disable Answer Search for specific Worksheets

When users search for existing Answers and Pinboards, the default experience is to search across all Worksheets that they have access to. You may not want users to search for existing Answer and Pinboards built on certain Worksheets that are works in progress or deprecated. You can disable searching for Answers on specific Worksheets. Refer to Disable Answer Search.

Linked Pinboard filters

You can now create one filter that filters visualizations based on multiple Worksheets by linking the Worksheet columns, at the Pinboard level. This is useful when you have a Pinboard built on multiple Worksheets, and you would like to filter on columns that are functionally the same, but exist in multiple Worksheets.

Refer to Linked Pinboard filters.

Selective Pinboard filters

You can now configure Pinboard filters to apply to specific visualizations that you choose. This is useful when you would like to filter some, but not all, visualizations in a Pinboard.

Refer to Selective Pinboard filters.


ThoughtSpot’s Geomaps now have more detailed geographic and infrastructural boundaries by default. This includes road names, cities, and so on.

ThoughtSpot supports maps of many countries. See the complete list in the Geo Map Reference.

Customize ThoughtSpot Help

You can now tailor the ThoughtSpot Help menu to your organization by customizing it from the Admin Console. When you configure these Help settings, you set system-wide defaults for all your users.

Refer to Customize ThoughtSpot Help.

User Adoption Pinboard

The User Adoption Pinboard is now accessible from the Admin Console.

ThoughtSpot Cloud September Release (tscloud.5)


Scriptability contains the following new features:

  • Export and update logical tables
  • Edit, validate, and publish objects using the TML editor
  • Import multiple objects from the SpotApps page, or from the object list page
  • Update Views
  • GUID handling: a new GUID parameter in an object's .tml file allows ThoughtSpot to recognize pre-existing GUIDs, and determine if you are updating an existing object, or creating a new one

See Scriptability.

Style Customization

You can now customize the ThoughtSpot application from the Admin Console. With style customization, you can change the fonts, chart color palettes, footer text, application logo, and background colors in your embedded ThoughtSpot instance.

Refer to Style customization.

In-app acceptance of ThoughtSpot's use agreement

You can now sign ThoughtSpot’s end-user use agreement from the application itself. Even if you previously signed a paper copy of the use agreement, an admin must sign the agreement in the application, within 30 days of ThoughtSpot upgrading your cluster to Cloud 5.

Refer to ThoughtSpot use agreement.

User adoption and performance Pinboards

This release of ThoughtSpot Cloud contains two new default Pinboards for administrators. Use the User Adoption Pinboard to understand how your ThoughtSpot users are interacting with ThoughtSpot, and how your user adoption is changing over time. Use the Performance Tracking Pinboard to understand how your ThoughtSpot cluster is performing.

See User Adoption Pinboard and Performance Tracking Pinboard.