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ThoughtSpot Cloud

ThoughtSpot Cloud™ is our hosted and managed service offering. ThoughtSpot Cloud offers multiple advantages over deployment form factors that you have to manage and maintain within your own organization.

ThoughtSpot Cloud is now available in US East and West, Sydney, Ireland, Frankfurt, and Singapore. For information on supported features, and how to sign up, see Getting Started.


New features and functionality

The latest release of ThoughtSpot Cloud contains several new and enhanced features.

For the Analyst

  • Add tables and columns to an Embrace connection: ThoughtSpot now allows you to use TML to edit tables created through Embrace, and add columns and tables that already exist in the external database to the connection. Refer to ThoughtSpot Modeling Language and specify the connection information when adding tables or table columns to an Embrace connection.

    This feature is in Beta and off by default; to add columns and tables to an Embrace connection through Scriptability, contact ThoughtSpot Support.

  • Improvements to generic join functionality: The expanded functionality for generic joins in TML files allows the following elements:

    • Constants: int, double, bool, date, and string
    • Comparison operators: =, !=, <, >, <=, and >=
    • Columns
    • Boolean operators: AND, OR, and NOT
    This feature is in Beta and on by default.

For the Business User

ThoughtSpot One GA
ThoughtSpot One is now available for all customers. It is on by default. See Search Answers and ThoughtSpot One home page for more information.
Bulk share objects from the ThoughtSpot One home page
You can now share multiple objects at a time from the ThoughtSpot One home page. Refer to ThoughtSpot One home page.
Frequent metrics and attributes in the Details panel
The Details panel that appears when you click on a Pinboard visualization while searching across your existing Answers and Pinboards now lists frequent metrics and attributes for that Pinboard. You can determine if a Pinboard search result is useful for you based on the metrics and attributes used most often in that Pinboard.

For the IT Ops Engineer

Manage advanced search and SpotIQ settings
You can now manage advanced search and SpotIQ settings from the Admin Console. You can configure column indexing and enable or disable SpotIQ Analyze and column summaries. Refer to Manage search and SpotIQ settings.
Manage email and onboarding settings
You can manage certain advanced settings for your organization from the Admin Console. You can customize welcome emails, scheduled emails, and the workflow that allows users to sign up for ThoughtSpot from the login page. Refer to Manage email and onboarding settings.
Performance Tracking Pinboard
The Performance Tracking Pinboard is now accessible from the Admin Console. To view this Pinboard, navigate to the Admin Console by selecting Admin from the top navigation bar. Select App performance from the side navigation bar in the Admin Console.

For the Developer

ThoughtSpot Embed
ThoughtSpot cloud now supports embedding ThoughtSpot content in third-party applications. In this release, ThoughtSpot introduces the Visual Embed SDK package Beta to help developers embed the ThoughtSpot search functionality, pinboards, visualizations, or the full application in their web page, portal, or business solution.
For more information on embedding ThoughtSpot, see ThoughtSpot embedding solution.
SpotDev portal
ThoughtSpot cloud now includes the SpotDev portal Beta to allow developer users to explore the ThoughtSpot SDK APIs and build sample applications. The SpotDev tab in the ThoughtSpot application is available for the users with administrator and developer privileges.
The SpotDev portal provides a playground for developers and product owners to evaluate the Visual Embed APIs and preview the results. The portal also allows authorized users to rebrand the embedded content, customize styles, and add custom menu actions to the embedded instance.
For more information, see SpotDev Portal.

Earlier releases

See Release notes.