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ThoughtSpot Cloud

ThoughtSpot Cloud™ is our hosted and managed service offering. ThoughtSpot Cloud offers multiple advantages over deployment form factors that you have to manage and maintain within your own organization.

ThoughtSpot Cloud is now available in US East and West. For information on supported features, and how to sign up, see Getting Started.


New features and functionality

The latest release of ThoughtSpot Cloud contains several new and enhanced features.


There are several new features for Scriptability:
  • Export custom SpotApps: You can now export your own custom SpotApps, or collections of Scriptable ThoughtSpot Answers, Pinboards, Views, tables, and Worksheets, packaged together as a zip file. Simply navigate to Data > SpotApps and choose the objects you would like to include in a custom SpotApp. Refer to SpotApps.
  • GUID handling: ThoughtSpot now recognizes pre-existing GUIDs upon import and asks if you would like to update the existing object or create a new one. Refer to Scriptability.
  • ThoughtSpot Scripting Language is now called ThoughtSpot Modeling Language.

Information Center

ThoughtSpot has a new Information Center, accessible from the help icon ? next to your profile on the top navigation bar. This new help menu contains many useful resources, including a navigation overview, several training videos, and links to more help across the ThoughtSpot product, community, training, and documentation. Refer to More help and support.

Embrace passthrough functions

Embrace now supports passthrough functions which allow you to send SQL expressions directly to the database, without being interpreted by ThoughtSpot. If you have custom database functions that ThoughtSpot doesn't support, you can use these new passthrough functions in the ThoughtSpot Formula Assistant to call your custom functions. Refer to Embrace passthrough functions.

New language support

Starting in the December Cloud release, ThoughtSpot offers the following new locale, to include support for date, time, number and currency format for the India region:
  • English (India)
To set locale to English (India), click the user icon in the top right corner to navigate to the Profile page, and select locale under Preferences.

Earlier releases

See Release notes.