ThoughtSpot provides several REST APIs to manage users, sessions, ThoughtSpot data objects.

Use the following REST APIs to programmatically manage ThoughtSpot users, user groups, sessions, and data objects.

To access REST APIs, you must authenticate through SAML SSO. For more information on configuring SAML, see SAML SSO.

API Service Request URLs Description
User POST /tspublic/v1/user/transfer/ownership Transfer ownership of all objects from one user to another.
POST /tspublic/v1/user/sync Synchronize principal from your external system with ThoughtSpot.
POST /tspublic/v1/user/updatepassword Change the password of a user.
GET /tspublic/v1/user/list Get all users, groups and their inter-dependencies.
POST /tspublic/v1/user/updatepreference Get the visualization headers from the ThoughtSpot system.
Group POST /tspublic/v1/group/addprivilege Add a privilege to a group.
POST /tspublic/v1/group/removeprivilege Remove a privilege from a group.
Session POST /tspublic/v1/session/login Sign a user in to ThoughtSpot.
POST /tspublic/v1/session/logout Log out a user from an existing session.
POST /tspublic/v1/session/auth/token Obtain an authentication token for a user.
GET /tspublic/v1/session/login/token Log in an authenticated user when trusted authentication is enabled.
Pinboard Data POST /tspublic/v1/pinboarddata Get the pinboard data from the ThoughtSpot system.
Pinboard Export POST /tspublic/v1/export/pinboard/pdf Export a pinboard or the visualizations in a pinboard as a PDF file.
Metadata GET /tspublic/v1/metadata/listobjectheaders List the metadata object headers in the repository.
GET /tspublic/v1/metadata/listvizheaders Get the visualization headers from the ThoughtSpot system.
GET /tspublic/v1/metadata/listas Get a list of metadata objects for a user or user group.
POST /tspublic/v1/metadata/assigntag Assign tags to a metadata object such as a pinboard, search answer, table, worksheet, or view.
Search Data POST /tspublic/v1/searchdata Search data from a specific data source in the ThoughtSpot system.
TML POST /tspublic/v1/metadata/tml/import Validate and import TML objects.
POST /tspublic/v1/metadata/tml/export Export TML objects.
Security POST /tspublic/v1/security/share Share ThoughtSpot objects with another user or user group.
POST /tspublic/v1/security/shareviz Share a specific ThoughtSpot visualization with another user or user group.