Learn about data type conversion functions.

Some formulas require the input to be of a particular data type. If you find that you want to pass a value to the function, but it is of the wrong data type, you can convert it using a conversion formula.

The following are the conversion formulas:

Function Description Examples
to_bool Returns the input as a boolean data type (true or false). to_bool (0) = false
to_bool (married)
to_date Accepts a date represented as an integer or text string, and a second string parameter that can include strptime date formatting elements.
Replaces all the valid strptime date formatting elements with their string counterparts and returns the result.
Does not accept epoch formatted dates as input.
to_date (date_sold, '%Y-%m-%d')
to_double Returns the input as a double data type. to_double ('3.14') = 3.14
to_double (revenue * .01)
to_integer Returns the input as an integer. to_integer ('45') + 1 = 46
to_integer (price + tax - cost)
to_string Returns the input as a text string. To convert a date data type to a string data type, specify the date format you want to use. to_string (45 + 1) = '46'
to_string (revenue - cost)
to_string (date,('%m/%d/%y'))