Learn the basics of troubleshooting for ThoughtSpot.

The information here provides very basic troubleshooting.

For troubleshooting on specific incidents or cluster problems, getting a log bundle can help.

  • Network connectivity issues
    If network connectivity to and from ThoughtSpot is not working, try using these steps to find and correct the issue.
    ThoughtSpot comes configured with the timezone where it is to be installed. If you are not using an SSL certificate for authentication, users will see an untrusted connection error in their browser when accessing ThoughtSpot. The error looks slightly different depending upon the Web browser being used.
  • Clear the browser cache
    You might occasionally see unexpected behavior that is due to the Web browser caching information from ThoughtSpot. In this case, clearing the browser cache and reloading the page should resolve the problem.
  • Cannot open a saved answer that contains a formula

Some tables may take an unusually long time to load due to a high data version issue. This issue normally arises when ThoughtSpot completes an upgrade or the system is recovering after a crash.

  • Search results contain too many blanks
    If you find that your search results contain too many blanks when your data source is a worksheet, there is a simple adjustment you can make to fix this.

For more detailed troubleshooting, Contact ThoughtSpot.