You can delete a relationship between tables through the ThoughtSpot application.

You must have either the Can administrator ThoughtSpot or the Can manage data privilege to delete a relationship. If you’re not an administrator, you also need edit permissions on the table, view, or worksheet.

To delete a relationship from the Web interface:

  1. Click Data on the top navigation bar.

  2. Find the origin table, worksheet or view of the join you want to delete through browsing, Search, or selecting the appropriate Tag(s).

  3. Click the name of the data source from which you want to remove the relationship.

  4. Click Joins. You will see the list showing existing joins. If you want to delete an external join from a worksheet, you must click Joins within this worksheet and choose Joins from this worksheet.

  5. Click the Delete icon to the right of the join name. The Confirm delete window appears.

  6. Click Delete