You can export a pinboard, or the visualizations from a pinboard as a PDF.

This API enables you to programmatically export a pinboard or specific visualizations from a pinboard as a PDF file.

Resource URL

POST /tspublic/v1/export/pinboard/pdf

Request parameters

Form Parameter Data Type Description Default
id string ID (GUID) of the pinboard to download None
layout_type string Layout type for the PDF. Valid values are PINBOARD and VISUALIZATION. For PINBOARD, the PDF uses the same layout as the pinboard UI. For VISUALIZATION, the PDF has one visualization for each page. PINBOARD
orientation string Page orientation for the PDF. Valid values are PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE. LANDSCAPE
truncate_tables boolean When set to true, only the first page of the tables is displayed in the PDF. This setting is applicable only if the layout_type parameters is set to VISUALIZATION false
visualization_ids string IDs (GUIDs) of the specific Pinboard visualizations to include in the PDF, in JSON array format. For example, ['aab9eb75-d295-4a79-ac37-4a37c1cce0b3', '039943a7-77cb-4fa1-a8a2-785a2b5ebe28']. This setting is applicable only if the layout_type parameter is set to VISUALIZATION. none
include_logo boolean Include customized wide logo if available in the footer true
footer_text Optional string Footer text to include in the footer of each page of the PDF. none
include_page_number boolean When set to true, the page number is included in the footer of each page. true
include_cover_page boolean When set to true, a cover page with the pinboard title is added in the PDF. true
include_filter_page boolean When set to true, a second page with a list of all applied filters is added in the PDF. true

Example request

In your request, you must ensure you have the following headers:

  • The Accept header must be Accept: application/octet-stream
  • The Content-type header must be Content-type: multipart/form-data
  • The X-requested-by header must be X-Requested-By: ThoughtSpot
curl --location --request POST 'http://<instance>/callosum/v1/tspublic/v1/export/pinboard/pdf' \
--header 'Content-Type: multipart/form-data \
--header 'Accept: application/octet-stream' \
--header 'X-Requested-By: ThoughtSpot' \
--header 'Cookie: JSESSIONID=71cc2672-7ead-4480-be7d-b6ad52023e98; userGUID=59481331-ee53-42be-a548-bd87be6ddd4a; Callosum-Download-Initiated=false' \
--form 'id="061457a2-27bc-43a9-9754-0cd873691bf0"' \
--form 'layout_type="PINBOARD"' \
--form 'orientation="LANDSCAPE"' \
--form 'truncate_tables="false"' \
--form 'include_logo="true"' \
--form 'include_page_number="true"' \
--form 'include_filter_page="true"' \
--form 'include_cover_page="true"'
Request URL

Example response

The response appears in the form of a raw PDF file. The response type is application/octet-stream.

Runtime filters

You can modify the API’s output by passing runtime filters as parameters in the resource URL.

For example:


You can add more than one filter by specifying col2, op2, val2, and so on.

Parameter Definition
col<n> Name of the column to filter on.
op<n> {IN, EQ, NE, LT, LE…​}
val<n> Value of the column to filter on.

Runtime filter operators

Operator Description Number of Values
EQ equals 1
NE does not equal 1
LT less than 1
LE less than or equal to 1
GT greater than 1
GE greater than or equal to 1
CONTAINS contains 1
BEGINS_WITH begins with 1
ENDS_WITH ends with 1
BW_INC_MAX between inclusive of the higher value 2
BW_INC_MIN between inclusive of the lower value 2
BW_INC between inclusive 2
BW between non-inclusive 2
IN is included in this list of values multiple

Response codes

You may receive the following status codes in your output. These HTTP status codes have the following meanings:

HTTP code Description
200 Streaming output for pinboard pdf
400 Invalid parameter values
403 No read access for pinboard
404 Object not found