Import the Visual Embed SDK and get started with embedding ThoughtSpot in your application.

The ThoughtSpot Visual Embed SDK is a JavaScript library that enables you to embed ThoughtSpot components in web pages. The library provides modular packages for embedding ThoughtSpot functions such as search, visualizations, pinboards, and the full ThoughtSpot application.

This section lists the tasks you need to complete before embedding ThoughtSpot content in your applications.


  • Verify if the ThoughtSpot admin has enabled the authentication service. ThoughtSpot supports SAML SSO and trusted authentication services.
  • Verify if your host application domain is whitelisted for CORS and CSP.
  • Verify if the same-site cookie setting is set to none.
  • If you want to rebrand and white-label the embedded content or add custom actions to the embedded visualizations, you will require access to ThoughtSpot Developer portal. Make sure you have administrator or developer privileges to access the Customizations menu in the Develop tab.

Prepare your project environment

The Visual Embed SDK is available for installation as a Node Package Manager (NPM) package.

If NPM is not installed, install NPM.

Install the Visual Embed SDK

The latest version of the Visual Embed SDK is available at

To install the SDK, run the following command at the command line:

npm install @thoughtspot/visual-embed-sdk

Import the embed package

Based on integration requirements, import any of the following embed modules and build your code.