You can use the REST APIs to programmatically query pinboard and visualization data from the ThoughtSpot application.

To query ThoughtSpot objects and embed them in a web page, portal, or application, you can use the data REST APIs. The data REST APIs return data as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) objects.

Embed pinboard or visualization data

To construct the URL for making a REST API call for embedding a pinboard or visualization:

  1. Log in to ThoughtSpot.

  2. Navigate to the pinboard from which you want to get data.

  3. Find the ID number of the object from which you want to fetch data.

    To embed a pinboard, click the ellipses iconmore options menu icon, and then select Copy embed link.

    To embed a visualization:
    a. Navigate to the table or chart.
    b. Click the ellipses iconmore options menu icon in the upper right corner of the table or chart.
    c. Click Copy embed link icon.

  4. Copy the ID number from the link. Paste it somewhere so that you can use it later to construct the URL for the REST API call.

    If the object is a pinboard, copy the identifier that appears after viz/.

    copy link pinboard

    For visualizations (table or chart), copy the IDs that appear after viz/.

    copy link viz pinboard part

  5. Construct the URL.

    For a pinboard, the URL is as follows:


    For a visualization, the URL is as follows:

  6. To apply filters to the data, use runtime filters.

    For example, to sort values equal to red in the Color column for a visualization in a pinboard, you can pass the runtime filter in the URL query parameters as shown here:

  7. After you construct the URL, send a POST request to get data from ThoughtSpot.

    The Data REST API returns the data formatted as JSON.

  8. Retrieve the data from the JSON and embed it in your Web page, Web portal, or application.