The simplest way to load data is to upload a CSV or Excel file from the ThoughtSpot Web interface.

Any user who belongs to a group that has the privilege Has administration privileges or Can upload user data can upload their own data from the browser. To load the CSV or Excel file into ThoughtSpot:

  1. Log in to ThoughtSpot from a browser.

  2. Click Data, on the top navigation bar.

  3. Click the ellipses icon more options menu icon, in the upper right corner, and select Upload Data.

  4. In Step 1: Upload your file, complete these selections:
    1. Upload the CSV or Excel file by these methods:
    Click **Browse your files** and select the file.
    Drag and drop
    Move the file from the file manager on your computer into the drop area.
    1. Answer the question Are the column names already defined in the file header?
      The options are Yes or No.
    2. Answer the question Are the fields separated by? by specifying one of:
    (,), example: `Jacket,Winter 2021,yellow,600`
    (;), example: `Jacket;Winter 2021;yellow;600`
    (|), example: `Jacket|Winter 2021|yellow|600`
    ( ), example: `Jacket "Winter 2021" yellow 600`
    ( ), example: `Jacket Winter 2021 yellow 600`

    Click Next.

  5. In Step 2: Set column names, review your data.

    When necessary, click the column header names to change them to more descriptive and easier names.

    Click Next.

  6. In Step 3: Set column types, review the automatically generated data types for each column, and make necessary changes.

    These are the possible data types:

    Boolean, Yes,no.
    Smaller integers represented by 32 bits.
    Large Integer
    Larger integers represented by 64 bits.
    Floating point or Decimal.
    Character or text.
    Simple date, not including the time component.
    The date and time.
    Only the time, not including the date component.
  7. Click Upload.

    When an upload is complete, the system reports the results and offers you some further actions.

    • Click Link to Existing Data if you want to link the data you uploaded to the data in another table or worksheet.
    • Click Search if you want to begin a new search.
    • Click SpotIQ Analyze if you want to use the SpotIQ feature to find insights in your new data.