ThoughtSpot can encrypt data in transit within a cluster.


ThoughtSpot supports encryption of data in transit within a cluster (traffic flowing between multiple nodes in a cluster). Encryption in transit within the cluster is primarily needed for cloud deployments of ThoughtSpot. This is accomplished using IPSec.

IPSec operates in two modes: tunnel mode and transport mode. ThoughtSpot recommends using transport mode to set up IPSec for encrypting in-transit data.

Note: While IPSec provides additional security, it also reduces network bandwidth between nodes.

ThoughtSpot supports IPSec encryption using strongSwan (an open-source IPSec-based VPN solution for Linux and other UNIX based operating systems).


  1. Use IPSec in Transport mode for host-to-host IPSec communication.
  2. Use the strongSwan package.
  3. Use AES-GCM for ESP protocol (since it provides authenticated encryption and provides better network bandwidth).

Note: IPSec is supported in ThoughtSpot software versions starting from


  1. Enabling IPSec: Run following command on any ThoughtSpot node after cluster has been configured and right built has been deployed: # tscli ipsec enable.
  2. Disabling IPSec: Run following command on any node of the cluster: # tscli ipsec disable.
  3. Checking status of IPSec: Run following command on any node of the cluster # tscli ipsec status.
  4. IPSec configuration and settings are NOT persistent across cluster backup/restore and will have to be re-enabled.
  5. Adding a node in an IPSec enabled cluster: IPSec settings are automatically configured across nodes as a nodes get added to a ThoughtSpot cluster that has IPSec enabled.
  6. Removing a node in IPSec enabled cluster: IPSec settings are not impacted when nodes get removed from a ThoughtSpot cluster that has IPSec enabled. If any failure occurs during node removal, IPSec would need to re-enabled by using the following command: tscli ipsec enable.
  7. Manually enable/disable IPSec on a single node(if any IPSec related failure occurs on that node):
    Manually enable and start strongSwan:
    sudo systemctl enable strongswan
    sudo systemctl start strongswan

    Manually stop and disable strongSwan:
    sudo systemctl stop strongswan
    sudo systemctl disable strongswan

    Note: You can check /etc/strongswan/ipsec.conf and /etc/strongswan/ipsec.secrets on each node to verify that they are consistent across all nodes.

Firewall configuration

The following ports must be open between nodes to allow IPSec encryption:

  • UDP port 500 (for IKE)
  • UDP port 4500 (for IPSec over IDP)
  • IP Protocol 50 (ESP)